Tremont Music Hall

10 tips to consider when trying to obtain a booking at Tremont Music Hall

  1. How much promotion are you willing to put into playing a show at Tremont?  Tremont Music Hall is a music venue, not a “bar”.  We do not have a built in crowd.  In order to have people to play to, you must promote and encourage people to come out to your show.  Tremont and your band are both businesses, and should be thought of as such.  They are fun businesses, but they are still businesses.  We need to pay the light bill, and you need to pay for new strings/sticks/bar tabs.  If people come to your show, we also all cover our expenses, which is important.
  2. What kind of promotion are you willing to put into your show at Tremont Music Hall? We need to see that you have promoted your show via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, posters and flyers around town, school, and work. While internet promotion is very important, it is not the end all of promoting your show. You need to mail or drop off posters at the venue. You need to contact local radio stations, magazines, and newspapers and find out what options are available to you in order to help promote your show.See if you can get your band written up in any paper in the area. Mail out flyers to fans. Email your fans. Flyer other local shows around town. Contact Tremont Music Hall and ask for a possible list of media options to promote through.  Make a flyer drop list, and hit it once a week until your show.  Promote hard, and to the best of your ability until the last possible minute for your show. Do NOT wait until the last possible minute to start promoting your show.
  3. Give people incentive to come to your show.  Write good music.  Create a fun and comfortable atmosphere around your band
  4. Contact Tremont Music Hall one week before your show to ask about details such as load in, and set time.  Bands are listed on our website with the headliner at the top of the list, and the opener at the bottom of the list.  If you are the opening band, you need to arrive 1.5 hours before doors are scheduled to open in order to get set on stage, and sound checked.  Door times are CLEARLY listed on our calendar.  All other bands need to arrive at least 30 minutes before doors are scheduled to open.  Do NOT be late
  5. Can your entire band play the show?  Your band will become known by reputation.  Do not be known as the band that does not have their act together, or the band that cancels all the time.  Make plans for all members to be off of work in ample time to make your load in time.
  6. The Casbah at Tremont has a small stage, and limited space for storing gear and cases. Please be considerate and bring only what you need in order to have a successful show.
  7. Find out how long your set is supposed to be, and DO NOT go over that length.  Most sets at Tremont are going to average around 30 – 40 mins MAX.
  8. When putting together your stage show, consider the club.  If you break it, you buy it.  If you mess it up, you clean it up.  If it seems unsafe to do on stage, it probably is.  You will be held accountable for cleaning up messes you make as a band.  We will clean up after patrons, but we will not clean up after your band.
  9. How many times and how close are you going to play other shows around the same time as your Tremont show? Do not wear yourself out in a market. Try to spread out your Charlotte dates as much as possible in order to keep people wanting more.
  10. How much fun are you going to have playing your Tremont show after you have considered this list?  This list is not all inclusive, but it could be helpful.  If you take some of these steps, and add a few more creative ones, you stand a chance of having a pretty successful show.

We look forward to hopefully working with you in the future.

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