Tremont Music Hall

The Feral

The Feral

S.I.Q., Deadstar Blues, A Course of Action

Thu, January 3, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

$3 underage surcharge for those under 21

The Feral
The Feral
The Feral is a hard/alternative rock band hailing from Albemarle, NC. By blending styles of alternative, metal, ambience, and many other contemporary styles the band has developed a sound that, while accessible, refuses to sound contrived or cliched. With influences ranging from Neurosis to Radiohead, from Deftones to Jeff Buckley, it becomes obvious that listeners will receive an assorted sonic palate, yet no note will sound out of place. Every sound heard is composed to accent the most important aspect of the music, the song.
In the summer of 2009, guitarists James Nelson, Phillip Rich, and Kyle Mullens came together with bassist Cole Millward and vocalist Ashton Johnston to form the band S.I.Q. Joining with drummer Corey Butler, the band wrote and recorded their first demo, which included their first five songs.
They enjoyed many successes within their first year, including their debut performance at The Money in Roc
k Hill, SC, as well as two battle-of-the-bands victories.
Still getting their footing in the music industry, S.I.Q. underwent a few lineup changes, including the departure of both Kyle Mullens and Corey Butler.
With the addition of Paul Wood as their new permanent drummer, S.I.Q. finished writing all the material for their first album and entered Knothole studios in late 2011 to begin recording.
Their first studio album, A Constant Struggle, was released on March 24th, 2012.
In May of 2012, the band parted ways with their lead singer, Ashton Johnston. Phillip Rich then took over the responsibilities of lead singer on top of his position as rhythm guitarist.

Providing a unique mixture of powerful, soaring melodies, undeniable, crushing heaviness, and complex, brain-twisting progressive technicality emerges S.I.Q. – Society in Question, Charlotte’s resident prog-powerhouse.

By combining the steady yet syncopated beats of drummer Paul Wood, the inhumanly fast and tasteful lines of lead guitarist James Nelson, the undulating yet precise low end of bass
ist Cole Millward, the powerful, hypnotic vocals of lead singer Phillip Rich, and the dark, almost evil crunch of a rhythm guitar (also provided by Rich), S.I.Q. creates a sound that is difficult to compare to any other musical group, and with the high technical proficiency that each member brings to the table, they have a lot to work with. Their fully collaborative songwriting process frequently results in lengthy yet highly memorable musical masterpieces, which the band then performs seamlessly live.

All this, combined with the infectious personalities of the members and the electric chemistry between them, ensures you will be on your feet, demanding more.
Deadstar Blues
Deadstar Blues
Charlotte, N.C.'s Deadstar Blues is a rock band formed by members: bassist Mark Smith, guitarists Rojer Bolin and Chris Long, drummer Brett Huntley, and vocalist Gilbert Shaw in early 2008. The band recorded and released there first album, “Until the Black Sails Burn” in 2009, an eclectic collection of thoughtful songs ranging from heavy metal to classic blues. Since then, the band has been rehear
sing, writing new material, and playing live shows around the southeast. Since 2011, Deadstar Blues has developed a change in the line up with the loss of Chris Long on guitar, the addition of Daniel Carner to take over the role as bassist and Mark Smith switching over to guitar.

Deadstar Blues is a shot in the arm for the current state of rock, which is overrun with copy cats, Teeny Boppers, and chameleon like hipsters. We decided a long time ago to only play music that we love and not put limitations on what we create. That decision has lead us to our current state, a genre defying group of musicians who's music is deep, emotional, technical, and easy to listen to all at the same time. We strive to reach each and every listener on a personal level. Our first album is just a taste of what's to come. We already have enough material to start recording our next album, which promises to be even more relevant and meaningful. Thank you for listening
A Course of Action
A Course of Action
Jonathan Byrd, John Culberson, Wes Johnson and J.T. Silvestri make up A Course Of Action, a hard working rock band from western North Carolina. The band is known for tight live shows, great music and solid original material.

Hailing from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, the foursome bring many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music.

Once the band was asked, "what is your gimmick?" The answer was, "there is no gimmick. We are just four normal guys from the South making great rock music." The band just completed a full length album, titled "Dark Before The Dawn".