Tremont Music Hall

Pullman Strike, The Sammies

Pullman Strike

The Sammies

Motel Glory

Fri, January 4, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

$3 underage surcharge for those under 21

Pullman Strike
Pullman Strike
THIS started with this reply on 4/8/2010 to an ad on Craigslist from a guy with a big basement, some drums, and a hope of not annoying his soon-to-be wife with a strangers coming over to their new home to play God knows what kind of music:

“Would like to talk about what y'all are looking for in a drummer-

Saw that you're into Lucero, and i'm into a good bit of the alt-country stuff as well, but really got into lucero, as they cover a song by one of my favorite band (Jawbreaker), and this is how i got into them in the first place-

So let me know y'alls thoughts, and it might be fun to get together and play sometime...I have a house with a big enough place to practice...

Give me a shout,


More emails were exchanged, and on 4/14/2010 Josh Robbins, Neil Mauney, Dan Smith, Evan Stepp, and Wes Hamilton showed up at Daniel Beckham’s house with their guitars, a lap steel, some beer and a good sense of humor, (not to mention a certain amount of skepticism about what may actually transpire in this stranger’s basement).

Everyone plugged in, played a few tunes that Josh, Dan, Evan and Wes had been working on in the previous months, and things just clicked. There was a certain sound in those early songs like “Charlton Heston”, “Honest Heart”, and “Do It Right” that was blending rock and country with the DIY and independent ethos of the indie and punk rockers the 80’s and 90’s that really excited everyone involved. They got amped up, shows were booked, and the ride began for Pullman Strike.

A few shows were booked, an EP demo was recorded, a bunch more shows were played. After that, a pedal steel guitar was purchased, an LP was recorded (“People We Know” recorded and engineered by the great Bo White), and Pullman Strike kept on writing new songs, playing them, practicing them some more, and refining their style. “Alt-Country” has been the de facto common theme, but with most saying there is much more to Pullman Strike than dropping them in the deep and wide bucket of alternative country.

Things have progressed nicely, and people have heard echoes of the Replacements, John Anderson, the Lemonheads, (and even Ramones?) in their live sets. Pullman Strike is evolving, and refining their streamlined lineup as a 5 piece. They’ve played pretty much ever room in Charlotte and have been regulars on the festival circuit at Treasure Fest, Between 2 Rivers Festival, and Recess Fest, and have received very kind words from Shutter16, Creative Loafing, Charlotte Observer, and Charlotte Viewpoint Magazine:
"The band’s strongest qualities — galloping Northeastern punk energy and plaintive storytelling — balance against each other nicely, resulting in an engaging, down-to-earth crossover approach." Corbie Hill, Creative Loafing

",,, it feels reductive to call Pullman Strike just an alt-country band. The sextet’s work today shows a steadily developing ensemble still finding ways to cultivate the middle ground between indie rock crunch and country creak" Bryan Reed, Charlotte Viewpoint

"This Charlotte band is heavily anchored in rootsy country - thanks to pedal steel and a helping of twang - like Drive-By Truckers it’s a Southern rock band at heart that sometimes hits on the driving force of early Pretenders" Courtney Devores, Charlotte Observer

"Whether you enjoy country music intermixed with rock or not, the Charlotte music scene seems to have a soft spot for Pullman Strike" Kristen Leake, Shutter 16

"All the swing and twang of a respectable country record. Yet, it still has roots in the sweat-and-PBR of punk and hardcore" Corbie Hill, Creative Loafing
The Sammies
The Sammies
The Sammies like to share. They have a little bit for everyone- whether your taste is for indie, garage, post punk or roots rock and roll- they'll give you a bite. The sound is as varied as its influences, but based in raw, unpretentious charm that only boys born and raised in the South have got a handle on. Co-founded by frontman Frank Backgammon and younger brother, drummer Donnie Yale, The Samm
ies grew up in rural Wadesboro, NC. As the band began to gig locally they picked up close friend and guitarist Bobby Freedom. They caught the ear of MoRisen Records, who quickly signed the band and soon had them in the studio recording their debut. Produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, The Breeders), the album reached the Top 5 on four of CMJ's music charts and secured licensing deals for several major motion pictures and multiple TV series. Yet it's their live shows that have helped the band develop a rabid fan base. "We could power small cities with all the energy that is gathered at our live shows," says Backgammon. "They're loud, spastic and at times, semi-possessed." It's that attitude that The Sammies aim to capture on their sophomore effort, Sandwich. Recorded at Mitch Easter's Fidelitorium where R.E.M., Pavement and Wilco have recorded, Sandwich draws from the band's multitude of influences. With the latest release, out September 23, The Sammies move forward with a slightly different lineup adding bassist Conrad Vacation, another longtime friend. Fred Mills of Blurt calls them, "Quite possibly the best band currently operating in North Carolina. Their live shows are pure firestorms."
Motel Glory
Motel Glory