Tremont Music Hall

Marcus Foster

Marcus Foster

The Lone Bellow, Ruston Kelly

Tue, April 2, 2013

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$13.00 - $60.00

This event is all ages

Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

Marcus Foster
Marcus Foster
Born and raised in southwest London, from a very early age Marcus Foster began to explore and appreciate a wide range of musical genres. Foster´s childhood and teenage years might seem to offer a few clues as to the wide source of narratives that converge in his music. His poignant voice and the litany of his biographical landmarks are all combined with a salient feature of his personality; namely
, a passionate curiosity for what creativity can conjure in terms of music, art and storytelling.

Music and art served not only as a refuge from the everyday, but as interlocutors that would help him to find his own voice and self expression. This is why throughout his songs there is a broad spectrum of echoes and reference to artists as diverse as Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, D´Angelo, Tom Waits, Prince, Otis Reading, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and, more recently, St. Vincent.

At first sight it might seem counterintuitive to try to render a coherent whole out of such a diverse array of influences. Yet a key drive behind Marcus´ work is a desire, not only to avoid the comfort zone of recreating old sounds, but to challenge himself in such a way that he can produce music and stories that, whilst in debt to the past, have been yet unheard.

It is this creative disquiet that led him to juggle songwriting with his six year long immersion in Fine Art studies. Marcus specialized in sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and completed an MA in 2008 at the Royal College of Art, whilst moonlighting as a singer in bars and clubs across London. It was at the end of his studies for his MA at the Royal College of Art that Charles Saatchi discovered his work, and promptly snapped up one of his creations. Saatchi was not the only one who liked what he saw: his work was subsequently exhibited in Italy and Greece.
After contributing one song to the first Twilight soundtrack in 2008, his popularity with audiences in the U.S. and Europe developed exponentially, which helped to vindicate his commitment to his craft. By the middle of 2010, Foster had already racked up over a million hits on his MySpace page, while his Twitter account was followed in the tens of thousands. As a testament to his constantly growing demand in the in the U.S., Foster was recently invited to perform on the Jimmy Fallon Show performing with The Roots. What's more, not only has he had multiple tours on both sides of the Atlantic with great success, but he has combined his time on the road with consistent work at the studio. In fact, it is in the interaction with his audiences that he has found a reminder of music´s prime value and a meeting ground where the unexpected takes place. This creative collaboration has left clear marks on his subsequent recordings. Following his first EP Tumble Down, Foster released his critically acclaimed debut album, titled Nameless Path in 2011, which was produced by Ian Grimble (Communion). His music has a timeless quality which, once appreciated, remains in the mind.

For 2012, Foster is about to release a new EP The Last House. The Last House is a concise and exciting journey. Recorded in a barn in Sussex, England, it is his most diverse release to date. In addition to a further series of European tours, he will soon be opening for Michael Kiwanuka in the U.S, whilst completing songs for his second album.
The Lone Bellow
The Lone Bellow
The world of acoustic music is about to get a new household name. The music of The Lone Bellow is born from tragedy and told with heart and simplicity. Zach Williams, a singer and songwriter for this Brooklyn-based group, is originally from Georgia, and his words began to flow following his wife's catastrophic horse riding accident that nearly left her paralyzed. Listen to The Lone Bellows' song "Two Sides of Lonely," from the band's forthcoming self-titled album.

Williams was encouraged to write by his friend, the songwriter Caleb Clardy. At first, his words were scribbles in a journal, often written in rhythm and rhyme but not intended as songs. When Caleb Clardy saw what Zach Williams had written, he said, "These are songs, man, you need to learn how to play the guitar and sing at he same time." Eventually, Zach Williams, along with his miraculously-rehabilitated wife and some friends, moved to New York City.

In New York, he began performing with a few other musicians as Zach Williams and The Bellow, and then renamed the band The Lone Bellow. "We write songs from personal experiences in our lives," Zach Williams tells us. "Tragedy, hope, betrayal and redemption ebb and flow throughout this record. This song is particularly hard as it falls in the betrayal category. Every time we sing this song together I re-live the feeling of being betrayed, of losing my love, of wanting to turn my back on everything I held close. It makes you go to those places, which is why I wrestled with singing this song in public when I first wrote it, but after I sang it for the first time I realized it was a moment in our record and in our show that needed to happen. After singing it in New York for several months, a group of talented photographers, videographers and musicians had the idea to go spend the weekend together in a cabin in upstate N.Y. to make a video that could help capture what happens when we sing this song live. The urgency of the moment that usually happens in a live performance came through that day with the help of the cold elements of that old church in Tannersville, N.Y."

The video's most powerful moments occur in that old church, as the band members gather around the piano together. The emotion is raw and real and washes over them, made all the more powerful by the video's crisp black and white photography.

The album it comes from was produced by Charlie Peacock — a name you may recognize as the producer for The Civil Wars. The Lone Bellow will be out on January 22.
Ruston Kelly
Ruston Kelly
Ruston Kelly is a Nashville based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. At only 23, Ruston is gaining great esteem as a sought after songwriter in the Nashville scene. As the former lead singer of Elmwood, Ruston has toured with the likes of O.A.R. and G. Love to name a few, and graced the stages of festivals such as Bonnaroo, Forecastle, and Wakarusa. In 2012 Ruston has toured with Truth & Salvage Co., The Lumineers, and Jackie Greene as a solo artist.

Ruston's life experiences can be felt in every word he writes. His ability to tell a story delivered by an unparalleled emotion and melodic vocal control leaves the listener hanging on every word.