Tremont Music Hall

Anybody Killa

Anybody Killa

Bake Lo, Izzy Dunfore, F. Dux, Razorz Edge, Mr. Toxic

Sun, December 15, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

Anybody Killa
Anybody Killa
Psychopathic Records, the axe wielding label that's been bringing audiences the finest in hardcore rap entertainment since 1992, is unleashing a new brand of terror upon the world. Coming down from the heavens to the ghettos of Detroit to your CD player is ABK, with his debut release "Hatchet Warrior". You may need to smoke a pound of green and turn the lights down low when you hear the album, otherwise you may feel like putting a hatchet in someone's back when the music is over.

ABK has slowly been making a name for himself, appearing on past Psychopathic releases such as Twiztid's "Freek Show", Blaze Ya Dead Homie's "1 Less G In Da Hood", and the latest Insane Clown Posse album, "The Wraith: Shangri-La". He's also toured as a rap partner for Blaze when he first signed on to the label, but last year he was given his opportunity to break out as a solo artist on Twiztid's "Mirror Mirror" tour and the 2002 Gathering of the Juggalos. The response to ABK's energetic stage show was phenomenal, and that success is what makes "Hatchet Warrior" one of the most anticipated albums from Psychopathic in the label's history.

With the release of Hatchet Warrior, ABK strengthens his own identity as a rapper rooted in the gangsta tradition, but with a heritage that makes him very unique in the rap business. A native of the Lumbee tribe, ABK represents the struggle of a man with an ancient heritage who's people were a part of the land that was savagely taken over by European conquest, then finds himself in the depraved ghetto struggling to get by in an overly idealistic, violent society. The same society that developed the cities through brutality now teach us to be peaceful in our aggressive, do or die search for money, power and respect. His eyes are constantly towards the stars as he watches the vision of a warrior constellation move slowly across the earth through time, his inner vision allows him to see that the violence of the streets is a continuation of this nation's brutal beginnings.

The high anticipated debut by this Juggalo killer comes after his nationwide tour as the opening act for labelmates Insane Clown Posse. Audiences everywhere are getting a taste of the killer style that is taking over the stages. Songs like "Ghetto Neighbor" and "Gang Related" take the old gangsta formula and flip it like a Jugga-mafia, ruthless to the core but loyal to the people that embrace the Psychopathic style as their own. The music is likely to exceed everyone's expectations, with songs like "Sticky Icky Situation" and "Ya Neden's Haunted" bearing the trademark humor of Psychopathic releases, along with the stellar musical production of Mike Puwal, producer of ICP's "The Wraith: Shangri-La", Dark Lotus "Tales From The Lotus Pod", and Zug Izland "Cracked Tiles". From start to finish, ABK is coming through with one of the best debut albums in the history of the label, and will prove to be one of the top up and coming artists of 2003.
Bake Lo
Bake Lo
This is where it all begins, my life entering your ears then traveling down to your hearts. I've never had it all but I strive for it, I love my music and best believe I am alive for it. I believe that the worst thing someone could be is misunderstood, and I can honestly say that I am exactly that. I make music for the love that I get, the fans that represent, not the fame or big checks. Its all about the future, its all for the future, and this my friends, this is Only The Beginning!

I was born on March 1, 1994. As I grew up in the small city of Ecorse (on the outskirts of Detroit) I was thought to be a nobody. No Friends and the uncommon belief that I was a waste of space. Until I found music, Well I actually believe that music found me.
It's been proven that music can heal the heart, so in a way you can call me a Lyrical Doctor. I've started by writing my first rhymes when I was about 12(It was horrible). I've came a long way since then; my style, my lyrics, as well as I have all grown dramatically. I've built my own studio TWICE, with lots of help from some good friends.
Then a friend of mine introduced me to a guy that goes by the name of Ikkurruz. Little did I know this would turn out to be a true blessing. I did my first show with him in Riverview, Michigan at a place called the Rack N Roll. It was all UP from there. I got the call... He wanted to sign me to Verbal Abuse! Which I am now proudly apart of the label. On this day I can say I've done many many shows and shared the stage with many amazing artists such as:

Anybody Killa
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Dj Clay
The R.O.C.
Chop Shop
Dark Half
Smoke House Junkiez
Troubled Mindz
& Many More
Izzy Dunfore
Izzy Dunfore
Izzy Dunfore is a genuinely talented and exciting hip hop artist who has the drive, as well as the charisma, to be the next big thing. His influences begin in the Midwest of the U.S. and reach out all over the globe. He has collaborated with over 100 artists, written over 200 songs, and continues to wow audiences everytime he takes the stage. Born Lucas Lloyd Hewitt (9-11-80), Izzy Dunfore has made many connections through his work. He began his rap career recording under the name Luke Dogg and released his first recordings locally on an album called "Little Black Cap on a White Boy" in 2002.

He learned a lot from recording that album because it was his first time in the studio, paying for studio time, so he paid attention to everything the engineers showed him. In 2003, Izzy bought his own recording equipment and began production from home. His first attempts were captured and released that same year on an album called "Double Diamond Presents...". This was about the same time Izzy moved to Des Moines for the third time in four years. He was getting tired of working for other people, always being told what to do, and just going through the motions. Izzy wanted to be held to a higher standard.

He knew if he were going to reach his potential and expectations, he was going to have to live the part. He began selling drugs to make extra money, hung out at strip clubs, and started battling other mc's every week. This was a true test of Izzy's strength in the streets, as well as his ability and raw talent behind a microphone. By 2004, Izzy was living a fast paced life, but going no where in a hurry. He was working on a mixtape called "Originally Jacked" when he began planning a new beginning. Luke Dogg was growing to the point of change, and the "dogg" label was certainly beyond played out in the hip hop culture, and so the name Izzy Dunfore was adopted. He would become the one who never quits or gives up, no matter what is thrown at him.

The change was kept a secret until after the release of "Originally Jacked" and was met with many obsticals and hurdles to overcome. In 2005, decisions Izzy had made in the past couple years caught up to him. He was arrested in 2004, and while on probation, was raided by Ames and Story County Police and Drug Task Force. Unsure about his future, Izzy wrote two songs that would eventually break him into radio under his new name, Izzy Dunfore, which had lived up to it's creation right off the bat. The first song was called "I Can Deal With the Rain". At that time, Tony Tarbox was the host of "The Garage" a radio show which promoted local artists. He liked the song and asked if there was any other material available. Izzy offered him "Another Song of Mine". In that song, Izzy named the undercover officer who filed for the warrant to search his home. The Ames Police Department heard the song on the radio, called the station, and requested a copy of the song for their records.

Soon after, Izzy was asked to guest host "The Garage" and discuss the situation on air. This made the name Izzy Dunfore official, and the debut album "Only I" was released that same year. While "Only I" was being pressed up by Discmakers, Izzy Dunfore met Kombine began working as a group called "Simply Komplik8d". Together, Izzy and Kombine wrote and released "Front Page Newz" under White Trash Records. This was one of the busiest times of Izzy's life and career. He was on probation, in college, working a full time job, marketing a solo album, writing a group album, booking shows and pushing harder than ever before to create a "buzz". In 2006, just a few months after "Front Page Newz" was released, they put out another mixtape called "The Dunfore Project", which featured Kombine and Izzy along with collaborations from many other artists and friends in the MidWest. "Simply Komplik8d" was eventually prospected by DJ Starscream (#0 of Slipknot) and approached to be a part of his upcoming label, Tuff Bong Records.

They recorded eight songs with the new label when Starscream decided to sign Izzy Dunfore as a solo project, rather than Simply Komplik8d as a group. This put the group at odds and in March of 2007, the group split. In December 2007, Tuff Bong Records released the self titled album "Izzy Dunfore" into the world. "From start to finish, this record is a hit!" Izzy was given high expectations for this album, and shared the hopes of great success himself, however conflicts, cancellations, and internal management quarrels left Tuff Bong Records in ruins and left Izzy caught in the middle. He was made an offer to buy out his contract with the label, and did exactly that. Today, through all the drama and turbulence, Izzy Dunfore has found a friend and DJ in Fate, born Samuel Elgin (4-28-82). Izzy and Fate have been performing together across the country for thousands of fans. In 2009, Izzy and Fate moved to Minnesota and openned up the Dunfore Ranch which is home to Dunfore Records. The first release from Dunfore Records is "Fields of Opportunity", a double disc album. Izzy and Fate are currently touring and promoting the "Fields of Opportunity" album, and will be working with many artists along the road. Don't miss your chance to catch this act!! The World is DUNFORE!!!!
F. Dux
F. Dux
With a unique,raspy voice, powerful punchlines and sometimes twisted story telling; F.Dux has certainly taken over the underground rap game. From hangin' with homies on the block, to working with some of the biggest names in the underground scene, Dux has proven that he can hang with the best of em'.
In 2007 Dux joined forces with the Insane Clown Posse for the Tempest Tour which include
d Dux, Twiztid and legendary rap group The X Clan. Performing in front of thousands everynight, the feedback from the crowd was insane , Dux now knew how close he really was to stardom.
In 2008 Dux kicked doors down when he was asked to be on the "Tunnel Runners" CD, a Hatchet House release.With the song "Die 2nite", Dux contributed an official banger to the project which made its way to the "Top 25 Rap Albums" on the Billboard charts.
In 2009 Dux released an album with Maniac, a South Dakota MC , whose rhymes were very similiar to his.With Maniac also producing all the tracks on the LP, Dux laid all the hooks to this masterpiece that would then be called "Daywalkers : Dead by Dawn". This 19 track disc has sold close to 2,000 copies in the Midwest and Southeast alone.
Dux's most recent release "Welcome to Granville" shows his diverse style, from street anthems like "In My Town" Feat Jelly Roll (Wyte Music/Hypnotized Minds) and bangers like "S.U.S" which shows Dux lyrical & metaphorical flows. WTG is Dux 3rd project and is his best work to this day.
And to top off the summer of 2011, F. DUX rocked the stage to a sold out crowd with non other than Tech N9ne, a multi- platinum recording artist who is known for his insane stage antics and amazing performances!
Dux continues to take over Nortn Carolina & the Southeast with monsterous live shows and merch booth that seems to always be surrounded by fans. His Low Life Movement has grown considerably with street teams all over the world and a fan base from Seattle to the ATL.Theres only two words that defy the meaning of Hip Hop and his name is....F.DUX!
Razorz Edge
Razorz Edge
RAZORZ EDGE formed in the year 2008 in Orlando FL by founding member Mad Red. Later joined by new partner Timmy B, They're on the rise to bring some new flavor to the underground music scene. They bring an intense, passionate and theatrical performance with every show. RAZORZ EDGE is like a movie brought to life, bringing an intense story telling theme with some of the most heart driven theatrics one can witness. Something fresh for the eyes and ears to experience.

RAZORZ EDGE have performed with acts such as: Insane Clown Posse, Axe Murder Boyz (Multiple southeast tours), ABK (multiple south east tours), HED PE (US tour), Mushroomhead (US tour), Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Nonpoint, Motograter, Sevendust, Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), Straight Line Stitch, Twiztid, Endo, Sid Wilson from SLIPKNOT and more.

They performed at the 2013 Gathering Of The Juggalos in Illinois and will also be headlining the 2nd stage of the Gathering Of The Juggalos in Ohio 2014
Mr. Toxic
Mr. Toxic
Kevin Moss is the mindsick-mastermind behind Toxic, he is the drivin by impusle, some might say insanity or just freedom of speech.

There is a good side to "Toxic" and a bad side, but we all have a good and bad side. The good side of Toxic raps about peace, living in harmony, and anti-satan. The other side of Toxic would be his bad side, coming from growing up poor, not-so-good relationships, panic attacks, rejection, and social isolation. No matter what incidents or influences explain the origins of Toxic, one thing is certain: his face ain’t the only thing he's hiding.

These are the facts as they can be traced: He grew up on the East-Side, going into highschool during the Mainstream Hip-Hop music outbreak, everyone freestyling, everyone trying to be a rapper. Toxic was a white crazy looking kid with white contacts that everyone was afraid of, especially when he would murder people with freestyles. Those where the days that he came across "Juggalo's" a crowd of misfits that accepted him as family. Mainly influenced by ICP and Twiztid and became a natural fit into the family.

Since then, Toxic has been recording music in his basement and has been featured on Project Borns "Work Volume 2" and debuted his first CD entitled "Lucid Dreams" which is basically a record of things that went on in his life; good and bad with collections of some of the first songs he has recorded, Clusterphobic will be available 12/12/12 as his sophmore album, he has worked with artists such as Project Born, Polk Frost, Mars, and F. Dux he has shared the stage with Boondox, Axe Murder Boyz, Astrid Haven and was signed to Polk from Project Born's Record Label in 2012.